"We simply do what we say we're going to do." ~ Quincy   

Our commitment to case coverage and product demonstration has allowed us to build and continue excellent relationships with both providers and manufacturers.  We consider everyone in the sales process, and we simply do what we say we are going to do.

Our core principle is to exceed our manufacturer's expectations.  We continue to be considered the best orthopedic distributor in this region.  Summit Medical is a distributor for multiple product lines.  We are known as the company to call for all of your orthopedic sales needs.

Summit Medical shakes the traditional mold of a manufacturer's representative by focusing on niche markets. We have often started from the ground up in developing success with our product lines.  We are not afraid to take on a line with little or no sales and create interest from our customers through our familiarity with their practices which gives us insight into how products might fit into their goals. 

In addition to developing excellent rapport with key hospital personnel, we are always involved in medical education for all hospital staff and for many years have had great success in creating enthusiasm for new products we introduce in the territory.

Summit Medical has been an orthopedic distributor in New Mexico and El Paso for 36 years. Because of the depth of our relationships with the orthopedic community, we continue to be considered the best orthopedic distributor in our territory.